Natural Relaxing Pillow Mist - DIY

Hi guys ! Did you ever heard about pillow mists before?Or bedtime spray ? If no,i'll explain you and i'm sure that you'll love them ,such that they'll help you to fall asleep faster.Keep reading to learn how you can do your own pillow mist.

Lastly,pillow mists become common and popular.Body Shop and L'occitane did their own pillow mists.This mists includes perfumed water with light and soft aromas.I tried them and thought why can't I do my own pillow mist.At this point I have to mention that those mists are expensive for me .In the end logic is same,help you to fall asleep easily with nice scents and aromas.These scents relaxes us and with these sigh of relief we fall asleep easily.So why can't we prepare our own mists and keep our money in our pocket ?

100% lavender,geranium ,tea tree and vanilla oil has tranquillizer effect and when you apply them to your pillow ,will tranquil you.At this point you have to choose your own and best scent that feels you better.

As I said before you have to choose your own scent that makes you feel better.If you ask me how I 'll understand which one is better for me I can only say that you have to try till you find the right one.

My favorite spray is below but before recipe I want to say that this mist won't make you sleep when you first smell it,will just relax you and with this help you to sleep easier.


Distilled water (500 ml.)
Half vanilla stick
Orange peel(half orange will be enough)
Vanilla Oil
Orange Oil
Spray Bottle 


 *First add orange peels and vanilla stick into water and boil them.

     *Wait till it gets cold and filter the water.

     Add orange and vanilla oil (5 drops from each oil will be fine.)This mixture has a relaxing effect(if you try you’ll understand what I mean)

      * And lastly pour this mixture into spray bottle and spray you your pillow         before bedtime.

     * You can keep this mist about 3 weeks at fridge.If you feel that mist looses     it’s scent just prepare another spray.
     * You can prepare rose,cinnamon and cedar wood oil mist.I's an amazing mixture too ! 

      *And will close this post with another recipe.



Lavender oil

Chamomile oil

Rubbing alcohol


* Fill your spray bottle about halfway with  alcohol and the rest of the way with  water.

* Add lavender and chamomile oil (10 drops from each oil will be fine.)

* Spray your mist to your pillow or pajamas before bedtime.

Sweet dreams  xx 

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