Product Review : Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate

Hellooooooo !

Let me introduce you with sister of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Serum : Kiehl's Daily Reviving serum ( you can read post of midnight recovery from here ).

As you can understand from it's name,it's day time version of midnight recovery.Honestly I hear a lot of about midnight but not heard much about Daily Reviving version so I thought much before trying.

But at first week I felt in love with it.. It's amazing as her sister 😊 It gives amazing shine to skin and really revives your it.

Your skin shines from inside.And you have a reviving,smooth and shiny look.It seems healthy.I use Daily Reviving Concentrate with Midnight Recovery for me  that's a needing to get result as I mentioned above.

And you can use this oil as makeup base.It's a great base holds foundation perfectly and if you use a drop of oil with your highlighter ,omg you'll fall in love with result.

If I have to tell about ingredients,as always it's all natural.And non-comedogenic which is a huge plus for me ( means this product is safe for skin with acne ).

As I told before I love to use essential oils at my skin care routine  but still searching for my homemade recipe cause I still can't scale amounts and (will share as soon as I find my own recipe 😊 )

Lastly will leave ingredients and details that I get from Kiehl's website for you below.My opinion for this product is:GET&TRY it 😊 I'm sure you'll love it too.

If you use this oil,please share your opinions with me.

See you at next post !

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