Relax Yourself With Essential Oils -Homemade Aromatherapy

Scents have an amazing importance at our life.It has an amazing power on us.It's proved that our brain has special memory of scent that helps to remember very old things with just a little scent/smell.They can effect us just like music and can change your mood..
At this point I guess you start to understand what aromatherapy is.Actually it's a therapy with scents.Has really old history .First aim of this method was religious service at ancient Egypt and China.But at ancient Rome and Greece this method started to use for beauty and medical treatment.

Aromatherapy has lot of different usages and applications,today I'll tell you just one method that I use at home to feel more relaxed.Everyday is not same for us ,lot of us has stressful days at work and really need to feel relaxed.This will help you to reduce your stress level and relax both mental and physical.Also will increase energy level.

Now I'll tell you about my everyday ritual .It really relaxes me,wakes me up and definitely makes me feel better .
Let's see what you need ;


Tea Light Candle Burner 
Tea Light Candle
Essential Oil

Light  your candle
Add a little amount of water to candle burner and add 3-4 drop of essential oil.(pick your favorite oil :) )

That's all ! In a few mins you will have amazing smell of your oil and in a few hours you'll realize that your mood gets better ! I mostly prefer orange oil and lavender oil,they really makes me feel better,happier.But I highly advice mint oil-has really refreshing effect.You can repeat this every day .Just light your candle and feel the good energy at your room.But don't forget to snuff the candle before you leave home !

Hope you like and try this one cuz it really has positive effect to you mental health.

See you at next post x .

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