Super Powerful Herbal Tea: It's Good For Everything

Hello y'all !

Let's close this week with a relaxing tea 😋 As a huge herbal tea lover today I'll tell you about rose hip tea .

Rose hip tea is also known as fruit of rose.Plant can be approximately 3 mt high and blossoms an amazing white flower.After fall you can see rose hip fruit.This fruit is a great source for vitamin C,means really effective at protection of cold and strengthening immune system.

I'll not talk much,fastly take a look to benefits of this reddish ,tiny plant .


Benefits of Rose Hip 

  • Gives aliveness to body.
  •  Is a great friend of eyes because of vitamins 
  • 100 gr of rose hip is equal to box of orange with vitamins of course.Is a great source of vitamin C,B1 & B12
  • A good medicine for rachitism and also an effective blood cleaner.
  • Good for enteros.
  • Strengths immune system and protects against flu.
  • Rose hip includes vitamin A and carotenoid.Which is very useful for eye problems and night blindness.
  • Has a great protector effect against cancer.
  • Also good for rheumatic pain and haemorrhoid.
  • 5 gr of rose hip satisfies 35 % need of vitamin C ,5 % need of vitamin A ,1%need of calcium and 5 %need of fiber of body.(all by itself)
  • Also let's take a look which vitamins and minerals does it contain ;                   vitamin A, E, K, B6 ,iron, magnesium, phospor,potassium, copper and manganese minerals.

How To Prepare Rose Hip Tea ?

There're lot of different ways for consumption of rose hip , but the most common way is tea version of it.Too easy to prepare,just put 2 tbsp of dry rose hip into water (2 liters will be enough.)Steep well and rest about 10 mins.If you wish you can add a pinch of dry mint or hibiscus.

Side Effects Of Rose Hip 

There's no any known side effect of rose hip but as always during maternity and breastfeeding period ask to your doctor before consumption.

Well that's all for now,hope you like this recipe,see you at other posts !

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