Pancake Recipe -Very Fluffy I Mean Very Very Fluffy

Who loves pancake? If you say yes,then fingers up,cause today is p a n c a k e day 😊

Today i'll share my very special,delicious and also very very fluffy pancake recipe with you.As you know it's so easy to prepare and super delicious.

P.S: I f you don't have kephir,you can dilute yoghurt with milk.

If you wish,let's keep it short and directly skip to recipe.

I N G R E D I E N T S :

150 gr. whole wheat flour,or normal flour

A tbsp. sugar

4 gr.(half teaspoon) of salt

4 gr.(a teaspoon) of baking powder

4 gr.(half teaspoon) of baking soda

1 large egg yolk separated by white

230 gr kephir

60 gr almond milk or milk

75 gr. melted butter (5 tbsp.)

S T E P S :

Heat your oven at 212 F.With this you'll keep your pancakes consistence and heat.

Mix all dry ingredients in a cup.

And mix milk,butter,kephir and egg yolk in another cup.

Add dry ingredients into milk,butter,yolk&kephir mixture.Then mix well.

Rest about 5 mins after adding egg white.

Heat your pan ,pour a half teaspoon of oil. And add your mixture with a ladle.

When you see bubbles turn the other side.

Ta -daaa that's all ,and after wait your pancakes till your cooking process finish.
Lastly serve with fruit,chocolate and honey or marble syrup.Whatever you like !

See you at next post and bon apetite ! 

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