Week 1: Train yourself & find healthy alternatives instead of sugar  

First week ,start to train yourself .If you consume packed products,view nutritive values well.Sugar has other titles so you need to learn these different titles too.

Also search for homemade healthy snacks that you can prepare at home.This will be more fun.And at this week a

Eat honey or date when you feel like eating sugar.But don't forget,only 1-2 tbsp or piece a day! And don't forget to consume healthy fiber and sugar source fruit at this period.
Week 2: Reduce alternatives that you consume instead of sugar 
At second week ,try to reduce alternative as honey,date.. etc. and try not to consume everyday.Your energy may decrease because of sugarless so to keep your energy be sure that you consume enough amount of water and try to rest well.Also to keep your energy add protein to your diet.  
Week 3: You're ready ! Write off sugar from your life
At third week side effects will be decrease,quit your alternatives too and try to keep fruit consumption 1-3 times a day.
If you still feel that your energy is down,take a brisk walking or go to gym and drink lot of water. 

 But leaving sugar doesn't mean that you stop every kind of sugar!Don't quit natural healthy sugar but don't let them to be a part of your daily diet. 

Yes it's that simple.Actually if you're a sweet addicted it's too hard I know.But for your health you have to do this! And don't forget that you can do this !

Hope to see you at next post ! Have a healthy day !