Perfect Cell Renawal For Skin -La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5

Well let's start blogging again after a long time 😊 I will keep short cause as you can guess after a long time I feel a little lazy to write a long post.

Whatever today I'll meet you a super ,perfect product.It's not a DIY or herbal stuff. A  kinda moisturizer of La Roche Posay -Cicaplast.

I thought I shared with you before but I suprised cause I realized I didn't share it . Cicaplast is my survivor when  my skin is wearing down.A real survivor. Lately I saw positive effects on my newly born skin blemishes.

Active ingredient Madecassoside is obtained from Centella asiatica plant.In India,tigers fight for their home range and as a result they get injured.But however,scientists realized that their wounds heals super fastly. While scientists making research on this,they see tigers smear their wounds to Centella asiatica plant.

This plant has anti-inflammatory,wound healer,cell renawal(speeds up),anti-irritation effect.It's no a daily moisturizer or bleacher,a perfect cell renewal.

Cicaplast includes most pure and high concentration version of Centella Asiatica plant  zinc,copper,manganese and vitamin B5 .Perfume and paraben free,means also suitable for babies and children .Can say a must of my home.You can use for everything.If you ask me what's the difference with Madecassol ,there're lot of clinic trials that proves it contains active ingredient at high concentration means more effective. You can find at all pharmacies.

(Also it's dermatologically tested.)

Hope you'll like it and if you already use it please share your thoughts with me.

See you at next post.

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