What Happens When You Quit Having Sex ?

Yes sex is one of the most beautiful thing on earth ,but except that amazing feeling it gives,do you know it has a lot of benefits about body health ?

If you wonder let's keep reading.

Here's how your body reacts when you quit having sex ?

1- Sexual Reluctance Begins 

When you do not have intercourse for a long time, your libido gradually decreases and sexual reluctance begins.

2- Immune System Gets Weak 

According to research, sexual intercourse strengthens your immune system. With the strengthening of your immune system,your risk of infection and illness is decreasing.

3-Hormones Slows The Secretion Process 

Over time, the amount of estrogen hormone secreted in your body begins to decrease. In a survey, women aged 20-30 to 60 years of age, compared to the amount of estrogen in women in their 60s, the amount of estrogen in the body of women in their 60s with no sexual life was less than 0.

4-You Start To Become More Prone To Heart Disease 

It's proven by research that a healthy and active sex life contributes to your cardiovascular Health. Due to hormonal increases in regular sex, it has a positive effect on heart health.

5-Causes Depression

When you're in a relationship with someone you love, you'll feel better and your mood with oxytocin hormone secreted in your body. But the lack of this hormone can cause you to fall into your mode, and perhaps even depression.

6-Your Menstrual Periods Become More Painful

Those who have a regular sexual life have decreased menstrual pains. This is because the uterus is a muscle and the muscles work together to make the blood easier to dispose of, helping women to suffer less menstrual pains.

7-Risk Of Urinary Tract Inflammation Decreases

There are also some good sides to the bad effects of not having regular sexual life. According to experts, one of the biggest losses was often caused by sexual intercourse causing urinary tract inflammation.

8-The Wall Of The Vagina Gets Examined

The lack of sex in your life can cause your vagina walls to be thinner by time.

9-Stress Level Starts To Increase

According to experts, a woman is stressed, hormonal changes in her body cause a chemical reaction, resulting in decreased estrogen hormone and a decrease in libido. In this respect, it will be easier for you to keep your stress under control with a regular sexual life.

Well this was all for today.Hope you get some benefits from this post,see you another time,byeee !


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