Air Cleaner Plants That You Can Grow At Your Home

Hey green lovers ! All of us have plants at our homes to make our homes greener and they make us to feel in nature.The air of your location is directly effective with your quality of life. Some miraculous plants found in nature help you to breathe better by cleaning the air. And yes bingo I’ll tell you some of these plants and maybe after this post you decide to get plant to your lovely home if you don’t have 😊

Sailing Blossom:

Sailing flowers are flowers that are too easy to feed and do not want to water. According to a study by NASA, sailing flowers clean the environment of formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia.

The English Vine:
The English vine, which is a plant that you can easily grow in the pot and also easily reproduce, absorbs all the carcinogens in the air. In particular, it is recommended to be kept in smoking houses.

Aloe Vera:
Short-rooted and succulent leafy aloe vera, has been used by alternative medicine for hundreds of years. Aloe vera gel doesn't work well. It is said to be especially good for light burns and wounds. That's not the only benefit. Aloe vera cleans the air. You can easily grow aloe vera in the office or at home with very little water. (also I have a detailed post about Aloe Vera at blog,you can jump to that post to,just write aloe vera into search box.)

Ribbon Blossom: 

Ribbon flowers are plants that do not require much care. According to NASA, you can easily feed this plant, which removes chemical compounds such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene, in your home and office.

Well these were the little part of air cleaner plants.Unfortunately I don’t have photos of these plants so I took my favorite plants at home.

Hope you enjoy it,see you at next post.

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