Homemade Remedy For Cough : Thyme Tea

Actually I've posted this recipe at instagram before,but I wanted to keep it also in my lovely blog 😊
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Just wanna say it at every beginning this recipe is just for cough that remain after flu if you don't have a serious health problem you can keep drinking and you'll see it really works. But before all homemade treats go doctor to learn if you have a disease.

Okey , well there're lot of to say about thyme but I'm keeping details for another post. If you had cold and your cough is stubborn and doesn't wanna leave your body,after this tea you'll see how it runs away from your body.

All you need is a piece of thyme,lemon & honey.

S T E P S :

1-  Take your favorite mug.

2-  Put thymes and lemon slices in it.

3- Pour hot water,and steep about 3-4 mins.

4- Take of thymes if you wish.

5- Add honey.

That's all ! So easy to prepare but so effective that you can't believe.

You can keep drinking twice a day. (check if you have any allergic reaction to thyme )

Hope you'll like it and get well soon !

Please share your homemade remedies against cough,I'd be so happy !

See you at next post !

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