If You Add Lemon To Your Drinks,You Must Read This

I'll have a quick but a very beneficial post today.But I've to warn you,this post will be as sour as lemon..

We all have lemon at home and love to eat it,add to our meals and drinks.Also you may be adding lemon in water or soda when you are out and at home. But there's a reason why you shouldn't.

Lemon is good for our health. It helps to dispose of both beneficial and toxins in your skin.However, if you go to the restaurant please don't add lemon to your drink.

Researchers examined 76 lime in 21 different restaurants.Their goal was how much bacteria were found in the lemon.The results were creepy. In 70% of lemons, has bacteria that will cause viruses and disease to spread.

As you see a beneficial thing can turn into a bacterial disaster.I highly advise you not to add lemon to anything except your home.

Hope you liked this little,tiny and quick post.See ya'll next time !

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