Banana Bread Recipe -Super Filling,After Workout Cake

I love to spend  most of my time at kitchen  and that's why posts like this are my favorite 😊

And for this recipe I've to say that you should try it as soon as possible,it smells so good and tastes delicious.Also a sweet chance to use old bananas that you forgot at fridge.

It's so filling that's why it preferred to consumed at breakfasts frequently.I love matching of chocolate and banana that's why I used mini chocolate chips but you and add berries instead of chocolate.

Before start just have to say that using old banana is important cause using fresh , underripe banana may give a sour taste to your bread which we don't want to be happen.

(My memory card had problem and I realized that all preparation photos had deleted ,so I only have baked photos of bread ,so sorry for it 😞 )

I took my coffee and ready to share recipe,if you're ready I want to start 😍 !

( p.s: it's not burn ,I used bitter chocolate on it that's why color seems blackish like burn ,bu trust me it's not 😊 if you use milk chocolate color will be lighter. )

                                      B A N A N A    B R E A D    R E C I P E 

I N G R E D I E N T S :

- 245 gr (1/3 + 4 cup of ) flour

- 1 tbsp baking soda

- 1/4 tbsp soda

- pinch of salt

- 115 gr (1/2 cup of ) butter

- Cup of sugar (raw sugar)

- Egg -2

- 1/4 cup of kefir (you can change this with milk or yoghurt )

- 1/2 tbsp of vanilla extract

- banana (3 will be enough and should be brownish colored)

- cup of chocolate chips (I preferred bitter )

S T E P S  :

- Heat your oven at 180 degree

- Mix flour,soda,baking soda and salt in a bowl

- Also mix egg,kefir,vanilla and banana in another bowl.

- Whisk sugar and soft butter in a whipping bowl.

While whipping add liquid mixture .After mixing add other mixture (with flour).And stop as soon as all ingredients get mixed .If you mix too much then our bread will be hard.
(Wow,I said too much ' mix ' 😁 )

Blend chocolate chips with a tbsp of flour in a cup.Add to bread mixture and mix gently with a spatula.

Pour mixture into a cake mold (I preferred long one) and bake about 45 mins. (don't forget to butter your mold to prevent sticking.) (also you can add chocolate on mixture as a last touch.)

That's all ! It's so easy to prepare and tastes amazingly well. So filling that you can consume at breakfast with a cup of latte or tea. Also as a plus you can play with ingredients and turn this into a gym friendly bread. ( just change type of flour and that's it ! Perfect ha ? )

Hope you enjoyed this filling,tasty bread.See you at next post !

Bon Appetite !

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