Let's Quit Gum

I realized that I forgot to post last article of 2018.. And it's first post of 2019.And I realized that it's already February. Please forgive me :) 

I'll keep short for today and ask for you to if we can quit something that we love so much .

Yes we all love gum. Bubbles,colors,smell,sweet taste.. And it's kinda habit,in time you always need to chew.
If you ask me why, do you know that gum is nothing but plastic and rubber ? In the past, natural gum and resin obtained from trees and plants.But i time it replaced with a mixture of plastic, rubber and wax. Ingredients are ; butadiene styrene / rubber, butyl rubber, paraffin, petroleum wax, polyethylene and polyvinyl acetate. I guess if you're not working for chemical industry you haven't heard these chemicals that I wrote before. (cause I've never heard of it.) They are used in the production of car tires, toys, nylon bags and adhesives.So why we're putting these to our mouths ? We better go and take a bite from car tire too cause it's smilar for me.
Except these ,they turn into wastes that are not lost in nature for many years.Not a recyclable thing,so no one can use again too.When we consider - sides of it,it's not impossible to quit . What do you think ? Can you do this ?

If you say no ,I don't care about it,ok keep chewing but at least throw it to trash when you're done !

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