Super Herb That Will Make Your Skin Look Perfect

I'm a great tea lover.Even I can say that I'm addicted to tea.My fave is earl grey,but when we consider benefits of green tea,I must say that it's my fave too.

If you don't know,it speeds up metabolism.Drink 2 cup of in a day and you'll understand what I mean 😊

But did you know that you can also use green tea for skincare ? And it has really good benefits for skin.When I decide to change my skincare routine and add natural products,I started from green tea.And results were lovely.

Leaving some usage of green tea for skincare below,hope you'll enjoy it.

1 - Green Tea as Skin Cleanser  

You'll need  ;

2 tbsp of green tea (steeped)
1 tbsp honey

Mix all ingredients and massage to your face.

Rinse with water & enjoy your smooth like cotton skin .

2 - Green Tea as Tonic 

You'll need ;

Spray bottle
Green Tea

Steep green tea and pour into a spray bottle.

Spray to your skin twice a day.

3 - Green Tea as Mask

This recipe is just for skin types which has acne problem.

İngredients are same with number 1.

Mix honey and green tea. Dab gently to your skin and wait about 10 minutes.

Rinse with warm water.

You can repeat once a week.

4 - Green Tea For Under Eyes

You'll need ;

Green tea bags (2 pc.)

Freeze bags about 5 minutes and apply to your under eyes about 10 mins.

You'll get brighter under eyes and see that puffiness will be gone.

You can apply this everyday especially in the morning.

5 - Green Tea for Beauty : Don't forget to drink 2 cups a day 😊

I love to use natural products for my body and skin.If you're like me I think you'd enjoyed these recipes.Please let me know if you try and my last word is we all beautiful inside and outside don't forget this 😊

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