A Very Delicious Way To Gain Weight

I'm aware that it's a little bit weird that I'm writing about gaining weight instead of loosing.But I know that there're lot of people out there who's searching for how to gain weight (lately I'm one of them too) .And believe me,gaining weight is harder than loosing it.

I've hypothyroid and I don't want to use pills so I always have it and don't want to be cured.Because of hypothyroid I can't gain weight easily.Plus I spend 3 to 4 days at gym .I'm sure you understand what I'm trying to say 😊

 I eat too much and using supplemental foods but when I weigh myself I always see the same numbers and I'm going insane. I made a research and asked dietitians for alternative options that may help me to gain weight .(btw I'm not talking about gaining 20-25 Ib, 10-12 Ib will be fine for me)

And recently I've added this super delicious,healthy and filling smoothie recipe to my nutrition .As always it's too simple to prepare.You can quickly prepare in the morning and drink/eat or take away with your tumbler.

I generally have this smoothie twice a day.One with my breakfast in the morning and one before going bed.There're lots of variations of these smoothies but this combo is my favorite and wanted to share with you.

If you wish ,let's see how you can prepare.

You'll need ;

*1.5 Banana

* 3/4 Cup of oatmeal

* A Cup of Milk

* 2/4 Cup Of Yoghurt  (*optional ,if you like intense consistency you can add,If you like more liquid then don't add )

* 1 Tbsp. Honey

* Pinch of Cinnamon

Put all ingredient into bowl and mix well till all ingredients are mixed together.

That's all! It's super easy,energizer and healthy as well. I'm sure you'll see difference in 2-3 weeks.

Please share with me if you have tricks to gain weight.

See you at next post !

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