Homemade Cappuccino Recipe

Coffee has a long past but i think lately it got much more popular .We all started to open our eyes with coffee(p.s:i still prefer water first.)

I love to drink a delicious coffee and it makes my day ! All types of coffee is beautiful but cappuccino is always the one for me.So I started to search to find finest recipe for myself and ta-daaa! You can find recipe later on this post,so please keep going 😊

No need to take it too long,let's start how you can prepare your coffee at your home.

                                                                  (TESTED & APPROVED)
                                             H O M E    M A D E  C A P P U C C I N O    R E C I P E


Mocha Pot (to brew espresso)

Hot water ( 240 ml.)

Milk (240 gr.)

Espresso ground coffee (1/4 cup)

Optional : Sugar


Prepare espresso ( if you don't know how to brew it with mocha pot,just write as comment,i can tell you step by step)

Pour milk into a sauce pan and heat ,then transfer to your mug. (or you can prefer microwave to heat your milk with mug)

With a small wisk start to twirl fastly till you get foam on the top.20 secs. will be enough (alternative tip for whisking :pour milk into a shaker or jar and start to shake,you'll get a lot of foam)

Pour espresso into your mug and add sugar if you wish ,that's all !

Your homemade delicious cappuccino is ready 😊

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