Pumpkin Dessert Recipe

Here I'm with a late post with pumpkin.I was planning to post this recipe till Halloween but I missed it 😞

I just can't find right words to identify this taste.. It's beyond perfect...

If you love pumpkin,this recipe is totally for you.Let's see how we prepare this orangish delicious dessert.

It belongs to Turkish cuisine means it's a traditional dessert,unique.. If I've to summarize all we do is to roast pumpkin chunks in a sugar syrup , easy-peasy huh!

For more just keep reading ..

                                               •          P U M P K I N  D E S S E R T  R E C I P E        •


•  4/3 pounds of pumpkin (let's say about on kg.)

•  1 and half cup of sugar

• Sprinkled walnut & Clotted Cream ( to garnish )


(I used already sliced pumpkins,it's much more easier.If you have a big,unsliced pumpkin jus peel and trim it.Cut into -1inch chunks.)

• Put pumpkin slices into a cooking pan.

• Cover with sugar. and let stand until the sugar dissolves at least 30 mins to 1 hour.

• If you can't get enough syrup you can add a little hot water.

• Now it's time to cook. Cook pumpkins about 45 to 60 mins till you get a thicker syrup.

That's all. Wait til it cools.To serve add a tbs of clotted cream and sprinkle wallnuts.(to make this taste supernatural also add tahini, mmm yummy !)

Enjoy your dessert 😋

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