DIY Christmas Gift-DIY Driftwood Sailboat

One of the best time of year is coming 🎄🎅🎄 Wishing fo snow for this christmas,hope it will come true ⛄

Today I'm here with a very cute,minimal at the same time elegant diy gift idea.I love handmade and little gifts.It feels more sensitive and precious.But it's all my idea.

I've a passion about sea and sailing,so this makes sense about this project I guess 😊

How can I say,it's kind of zero waste gift.If you wonder how,just keep reading or to see on video you can just click here

                                            D I Y   D R I F T W O O D   S A I L B O A T 


Branches ( collected from forest )

Piece of fabric (I prefered an old linen fabric at home,choice is all depended for you)

Slicon gun

  Jute Rope



Actually not much to do,that's why I decide to show all steps with a mini video,let's get started 😊

Hope you'd enjoy this post,I wanted to share with you this cute gift idea that may help you ,see you at next post ⛄🎄🎅🎁💝

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