Gift Wrapping Idea -How To Wrap A Gift

I was waiting for right moment to use this wrapping 🎁

It reflects me,my soul,my world .So plain,at the same time so cute.Also it's recycled ,well kind of 🌲🍀🍁

I'd to wrap my gift for christmas and thought I can share it with you by the way if you didn't see my diy gift post you can read from here ***hediye linki eklenecek 

                                                               H O W   W R A P   A   G I F T  

Before start I've to say that it's all my design.It's all up to you,you can pick any material you wish.


• Craft Paper 

• Jute Rope

• Tape

• Pine Leafs 

• Branches

Hope you liked it,if you try,will be happy to see.See you at next post ! 💚

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