Olive Bread Recipe

Hello guys !

I've been trying this recipe about a month and finally decided to share with you.

It's perfect for 'to-go' options.Like school,work .. etc. And a great combination with coffee as breakfast.

As always so easy to prepare and  cooking takes about 20 mins.

Let's see how we can do it 😋💗

                                                                   O L I V E     B R E A D      R E C I P E 



•.Whole Wheat Flour (3 cups of- appr. 12 tbsp.)

•.Honey ( 1/2 tbsp.)

•.Active Dry Yeast (1 pack)

•.Water ( 2 tbsp.)

•.Olive Oil ( 50 ml - appr.5 tbsp.)

•.Milk (100 ml.)

•.Salt(optional - 1 teaspoon)

•.Olive (chopped )


•.Put yeast,honey and water in a bowl and wait about 10 mins.

•.Add rest of ingredients and start kneading.

•.Cover your bowl with strech film and rest your dough about one hour.

•.You'll see your dough will get bigger.

• Before baking you can strew sesame on it.(totally optional)

•.Heat your oven at 350 F -180 Degrees and bake your bread about 20 to 25 mins.

Hope you liked this recipe.Enjoy your very tasty bread 💗

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