Very Healthy Cookie -Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Imagine a cookie is very filling and at the same time very healthy .

Also just takes 5 mins to prepare.You got excited ,right ?

Oatmeal contains more fiber in contrast with other cereals and incorporate two sort of fibers.Also full of minerals and vitamins.Keeps filled for a long time and has low glisemic index.

So I thought why don't we use this super healthy cereal and decided to share this post.

* Before jumping to recipe has a warning. If you've problem about uric acid and gluten please stay away from oatmeal and take advise from your doctor   .

                                                       O A T M E A L   C O O K I E   R E C I P E


Preheat your oven at 180 C.

• Black Raisin (10 tbsp.)

• Nut (10 tbsp.)

• Olive Oil - or coconut oil (2 tbsp.)

• Dark Chocolate (70 gr.)

• Whole Wheat Flour (2 cup)

• Eggs - 2

• Molasse (1 tbsp.)

• Baking Powder (1 teaspoon)

•  Cinnamon (1 teaspoon)


•  Mix all ingredients except egg and flour.

• Add eggs and flour then start kneading.

• Give any shape to your dough and aligh your baking tray that covered with baking sheet.

• Bake about 20 to 25 mins.

That's all,you filling super healthy cookies are ready.Serve with homemade cappuccino and enjoy it 💗

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